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Given that we have all been inundated, overwhelmed, avalanched and drowned with bad and ugly news over the past couple of months, I want to take a minute to reflect on the good. The good things that happen every day that makes the bad and ugly worth living through. The good things help to get us all out of bed in the morning and still have faith in our world, our country, our community, our family and ourselves. I have two such lists.


One that keeps me going everyday – no matter what:


·         My family – Yes, some may say this is a standard, stock, “tablesteaks” good thing, but I promise – it is my family that gives me joy, faith, peace, patience, understanding, happiness and love. For putting up with me every day, they absolutely deserve to be #1 on my list of good things.

·         My Friends – again, these are the people that I count on to make me laugh, understand me when I yell, hug me when I cry and in general are there through everything. They definitely have earned the #2 spot on my list of good things.


And one that consists of small but personal things and changes daily depending on what is going on. Today, my list of good things consists of:


·         My scarf – Now this may seem very odd, but as a southerner who has just recently moved to the mid-west and am living through my first real winter, I have quickly learned the value of dressing for the cold. And, my friends, I have discovered that the key to staying warm is the perfect scarf. It is definitely a good thing today!

·         My cell phone – As I am traveling on a business trip, this is the one thing that will keep me in touch with my husband and children. The calls and the text messages that I will exchange with them in the next two days will be awesome!

·         My OPI red nail polish – again, may seem odd to some, but many of you will understand. I had my nails done 4 days ago and in my haste to pack and leave for my business trip, I didn’t even think of my nails. In looking at them now, they still look great. So I say – “Cheers to OPI red nail polish – you totally rock the good things for today!”

·         Trident Spearmint Gum – The perfect size: small enough to be inconspicuous, big enough to still blow bubbles. The perfect flavor: keeps breath fresh for hours and tastes great. The perfect “candy”: sugar free and good for my teeth (thank you Xyletol!) And bonus for today – helping to “pop” my ears on the airplane. Good thing today.


So that is my very short, but not complete, list of good things that are making me happy today. I encourage all of you to make your own list every day (even if it is just a mental list). Heaven knows we could all you a little more “good” in our lives. It’s there; we just have to work a little harder these days to see it. Good luck and Good day my friends.


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