From Red and Green to Pink and White

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So, you survived the holidays and gladly welcomed in the New Year with relief, exhaustion and all the excitement you could muster. Now it’s time for…more candy?

Just when you thought the parties and card signing were over, it’s time to get ready for V-Day and yes, it is just around the corner. Time for candy hearts and even sweeter valentine cards to be exchanged at school. Time for pink and white frosted cupcakes topped with red hots. Time for bouquets of roses and much needed date nights. Time for girlie-girls to have an excuse to get dolled up in pink sparkles and sad lonely-hearts to wear all black.  Time for romance and love!!!

This is one of my favorite days because I am a “girlie-girl” and proud of it. I love pink and red and cupcakes and boxes of chocolate. I love valentine cards and candy hearts. I love heart pajamas and romantic dinners. I love chocolate covered strawberries and bouquets of white daisies (I know – not your typical v-day flower, but it’s my favorite). I love being able to tell people how much I love them (not that I need a special day to do that).

But I try not over-do it. It should not be a day of stress or wallet-draining. You can make someones day super special with simple things: home-made cupcakes, a bag of Hershey Kisses wrapped in a pink ribbon or a simple card that says “I love you”.

And you don’t have to save your special “love notes” just for your special love. Let everyone who makes your life great on a daily basis know how much they mean to you. February 14th is a perfect day for doing that. And if you start now, you won’t be sitting up at 2:00 am the night before signing valentines and grumping the whole time.

So turn up the Michael Buble, put on something pink and sparkly and start feeling the love!

Happy Valentines Day!


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