Welcome to Kellie’s first blog

December 12, 2008 at 4:40 am Leave a comment


Welcome to the first blog for Kellie Signature Designs and my very first blog EVER!

I am the “Kellie” in Kellie Signature Designs and I love stationery! I love designing custom invitations for wedding showers and baby showers. I love creating unique and special birthday invitations for my kids. I love sending Christmas cards. I love getting Christmas cards. I love hearing from friends and family – via phone, email but most of all snail-mail. 

We all do it – you know you do. It’s a week before your birthday, or Christmas, or Hannakah. You walk to the mailbox and oh-so-subtly hold your breath as you reach up and open the door. You just know that you are going to find something super special from someone super special who loves you enough to remember your special day. You slowly reach in, pull out a stack of “mail” and then as fast and you can you thumb through it to find the one envelope that has your name written on it in familiar handwriting. JACK-POT!

I think that we should have that feeling EVERY day. Why do we have to wait for our birthday that just comes around once a year? My goal with this blog is to give us all something to celebrate on a weekly basis. This way you can connect with those that you love (via email, phone or preferably for me – snail-mail) on a more regular basis – just so they know that you think they are super special enough for you to think of them. How nice is that?

So, stay tuned…I’ll be giving you a reason to connect in a couple of days. (I don’t want the reason to get lost in this long, introductory blog! :))


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